Oer Erkenschwick

We have a visit from our friends in Oer-Erkenschwick from 25 August to 1 September 2013 (see Autumn 2013 Newsletter)

We visited our friends in Oer-Erkenschwick from 11th to 18th August 2012 (Details to follow)

Visit to North Tyneside August 2011

Our friends from Oer-Erkenschwick visited us from 6th to 13th August 2011.


SATURDAY 6TH AUGUST Flight reference LH 3454 arrives Newcastle airport 0955
Rest of day free with hosts 17:00 Welcome Party and Meal

SUNDAY 7TH AUGUST Free Day with host families Free evening with host families

MONDAY 8TH AUGUST 09:15 Tour of Seaton Delaval Hall
12:15 Lunch at The Waterford Arms, Seaton Sluice. 19:00 Darts Evening at Tynemouth Cricket Club

TUESDAY 9TH AUGUST Day Visit to Weardale. Steam train from Wolsingham to Stanhope. Option to return by 5 miles on foot, or by train . Meal at Wolsingham.early evening. Free late evening. Transfer of some guests to new hosts.

WEDNESDAY 10TH AUGUST 10:30 Meet at Rendezvous Café, Whitley Bay for Beach/Games/Walk/ Picnic
19:00 Ten Pin Bowling, Royal Quays, walk in the Royal Quays area/Visit to the Earl of Zetland pub
THURSDAY 11TH AUGUST Visit to Durham .

11:00 meet at Vennel's Cafe
12:00 Walking Tour via Palace Green and Cathedral
14:00 Boat Cruise.
15:00 Free time
16:30 Meal in Durham Leave no later than 18:30 Free late evening

FRIDAY 12TH AUGUST 11:45 for 12:00 Reception with Council at The Quadrant - lunch provided. 19:00 for 19:30 start . Farewell Party Ceilidh at North Shields Rugby Club.

SATURDAY 13TH AUGUST Hosts leave for Newcastle Airport say 0715 for flight LH3455 at 1030

Reserves:- If wet visits to Newcastle and Sunderland

Report on Visit to Oer-Erkenschwick August 2010

Eleven members of North Tyneside Twin Towns Association visited the German town of Oer-Erkenschwick recently, staying in friends' houses. Three young members were visiting for the first time with the group and all had a wonderful time. 18 year old Sam Henderson was especially pleased to get a quote in the local German newspaper mentioning his support for Whitley Bay Football Club.



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. . . . Oer-Erkenschwick is in the Ruhr Region of Germany which is this year’s European Capital of Culture. This made the programme of events even more varied than normal with a Canal boat trip listening to a Jazz Band and a tram tour of the cities of Gelsenkirchen and Essen. There were also many other unusual events arranged to keep the group busy including an afternoon getting lost in a Maize Labyrinth and a visit to a Goats Cheese Dairy.

On the Friday morning the group was invited to the Town Hall to meet the Bürgermeister Achim Menge and were all presented with souvenirs from the town.

On November 6th they are celebrating the Association’s 30th Anniversary with a Ceilidh where they hope to see visitors from the Twin Towns and many old friends.

The visit from Oer Erkenschwick DEF in July 2009
Report on Successful ‘young’ and ‘not so young’ visit.

Twenty one visitors from Oer-Erkenschwick in Germany enjoyed a week of culture, outdoors, and friendship in North Tyneside.


Nancy Booth presents the Bob Booth trophy to the winning Oer-Erkenschwick Twin Town Association darts team

North Tyneside Twin Towns Association(NTTTA) hosted eleven 17/18 year olds and ten older adults from the town, which has had yearly exchanges with NTTTA for almost 30 years.

Sam Henderson, a Whitley Bay High School student, said ‘Next time here we should extend the visit to two weeks. And next year I want to go over and stay there because they are such nice people.’ However he cannot wait, and has already arranged to visit Oer-Erkenschwick later in the summer.

A busy programme was packed into the week, sometimes as a complete group from both Associations, occasionally only for the ‘not so young’, and at the same time separately organized by and solely for the ‘young’. The programme included a visit to St James’ Park, and Newcastle city, a welcome meal and party, visits to Bedes World, the new and old Tyne Tunnel development (including talks in both English and German), the annual darts competition, visits to Northumbrian beaches and castles, a St Marys Lighthouse history talk and climb, a visit to the new Whitley Bay Playhouse, Ten Pin Bowling, Beamish Museum, Metro Centre, St Thomas More or Whitley Bay High School visits, a Farewell party including guitar playing, singing, and Northumbrian Pipes, a civic reception at the Quadrant, and a visit to Royal Quays. This was all interspersed with free time visits to North Tyneside’s beaches, cafes, pubs, tennis courts, countryside, barbeques, and for example on a free day, Durham. This all helped in the making of new and the continuation of old friendships.

The planning was carried out by a joint ‘not so young’ and ‘young’ committee, Alexandra Jeffrey, a St Thomas More High student, who helped to plan the visit, commented ‘I enjoyed all aspects of the visit. I loved meeting all the people and making new friends.’ She has also arranged to meet her family‘s guest again this summer.

Comments from the young visitors included those from Isabel Haar ‘ I am here for the first time and I want to come back’, from Markus Krueger ‘I found it wonderful that we were welcomed so heartily’, from Maureen Wendel ‘The whole week was so well planned’ from Julian Ervers ‘It was one of the best weeks of my life’.

There was a big negative though. The traditional annual darts match for the Bob Booth Trophy was unfortunately won at Tynemouth Cricket Club by the visitors, and taken to Germany. Until next year….

North Tyneside Twin Towns Association (NTTTA) is an independent, voluntary, self-financing organization, which operates separately from the civic links between North Tyneside and its Twin Towns.

It is customary for North Tyneside Council to invite the visitors from their twin towns’ associations to a civic reception. Leader of the Council, Councillor Michael Huscroft, said ‘I was looking forward to this visit from Oer-Erkenschwick. We want to promote this association, and are very thankful to the organizations in both towns. This type of international friendship makes the world a better, more peaceful place.

Guenter Hintz, chairman’ of Oer-Erkenschwick Twin towns Association commented that ‘It is great that everyone gets on together, and understand each other so well. Everyone is welcome in Germany again next year, hopefully with the ‘young’.

Viv Havard, Chairman of NTTTA, telephone number 0191 2523180, said ‘It is my first host visit as Chairman, and the first time that we have had two programmes. It was great fun. I only hope that the young people liked it. All the young people have been great’


30th Anniverary Dinner in Oer-Erkenschwick in June 2009

Three members of the Association travelled to Oer-Erkenschwick to celebrate with Oer-Erkenschwick DEF on 19 June 2009 the 30th anniversary of the twinning of the two towns.


We visited Oer-Erkenschwick in May 2008


Saturday 10th May

1450 Collection from Dusseldorf Airport


1630 Arrival at Town Hall Car Park
Sunday 11th May

0930 Departure to Xanten.Trip on Rhine ferry, walk, conducted town visit, and visit to extensive old Roman town and museum.
1800 Return to Oer-Erkenschwick
Monday 12th May

Free day
1900 Darts Tournament at ‘Haus Zoranski’


Tuesday 13th May

1130 Meet at Unna station
Day visit with conducted tour of Linden brewery and Unna town.

21oer.JPGWednesday 14th May

1100 Reception with Burgermeister A. Menge at the Town Hall (Rathaus)
1230 Departure from the Rathausplatz to the asparagus farm Sudfeld nach Herten Visit to the asparagus fields, museum with asparagus tasting.


Thursday 15th May

1030 Trip from the Rathausplatz to Halterner Stausee. Steamer trip on the Stausee ,and then pedalboats on the Stausee.
Time to visit the ‘Lake Side Inn’ for refreshments.


Friday 16th May

Free day

1900 Farewell Party at ‘Haus Zoranski’

Saturday 17th May

0830 Departure from Rathausplatz to Dusseldorf Airport



The last visit from Oer-Erkenschwick was in July/August 2007 as follows


Sunday 29 July 2007

Arrival 19:00 Meet at airport

Monday 30 July 2007

11:00 Meet at Whitley Bay Metro to go into Newcastle via Metro. Quayside, (Baltic, Bridges) etc.


Tuesday 31 July 2007

08:30 Meet at Whitley Bay Metro station for Edinburgh via Jedburgh. To get back around 10pm


Wednesday 1 August 2007

Free day

7:30 Darts Tournament


Thursday 2 August 2007

10:30 Meet at Whitley Bay Metro to go by bus/cars to Woodhorn Colliery Museum followed by Warkworth

Fish and Chips at Amble on way back.

Friday 3 August 2007

12 Noon North Tyneside Council Office, Wallsend

4:00 P.M: Nibbles and Drinks Barbara and Gordon Hallidays

Saturday 4 August 2007

Free day

Evening BBQ


Sunday 5 August

Free day

17:00 Return to airport for check in

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