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At the AGM in March the committee were all voted in for another year, but there have been some changes to the officers of the Association:

Chairman David Wade
Vice Chairman Aidan Ridley
Secretary Viv Havard
Treasurer Roger Curtis

For those who did not attend the meeting, there were various motions put to the meeting regarding proxy voting at General Meetings. No decision was reached as those present considered that the wording needed further thought. The Committee will be discussing the constitution in the next few weeks and will call a further General Meeting in June to put the changes to the membership.


The AGM agreed to keep fees at £10 per person, £20 per family. If you have not already done so, please let Roger have your subscription as soon as possible.


Members have survived Murder Mystery Walks and the Robots of Nissan so far this year. Upcoming plans include:

SUNDAY 2ND JUNE - Walk BAMBURGH TO SEAHOUSES. A walk of 51/2 miles.

SATURDAY 22ND JUNE - AFTERNOON TEA. The Green, Wallsend. Followed/preceded by a short walk.

SUNDAY 28TH JULY at 13:00 - (SECOND) TOUR OF THE VICTORIA TUNNEL – Two tours booked as maximum number allowed is 12.

SUNDAY 14TH JULY at 14:30 - STRAWBERRY TEA. To be hosted as usual by Barbara Halliday at 18 Kelso Drive.

SUNDAY 4TH AUGUST - Walk ALLENDALE TOWN. A walk of 5 miles.


THURSDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER at 19:30 - “THAT’LL BE THE DAY” Show at Whitley Bay Playhouse. Please book your own tickets and advise Jacky McDonald if you are going. It is a very popular show, so book early!




FRIDAY 17TH JANUARY 2014 - ALADDIN PANTOMIME. At the Whitley Bay Playhouse.

Further details of all of these events will be provided nearer the time.


MONDAY 13TH MAY – 17TH MAY - VISIT TO LÜBBENAU. Lübbenau is a Twin Town of Oer-Erkenshwick. They have invited the Association to spend a few days in their town before travelling to Poland for the Friendship Games. A programme of events has been arranged.

FRIDAY 17TH MAY – MONDAY 20TH MAY - FRIENDSHIP GAMES IN PNIEWY POLAND. We will be supporting the North Tyneside Team and will be joined by representatives from North Tyneside Council.

SUNDAY 25TH AUGUST – SUNDAY 01ST SEPTEMBER – VISIT FROM OER-ERKENSCHWICK. A programme of activities for the visit is being produced. It is hoped that as many members as possible will get involved during the week. Hosts are still being finalised and will be advised soon.

TUESDAY 17TH SEPTEMBER – TUESDAY 24TH SEPTEMBER VISIT TO MÖNCHENGLADBACH. Final numbers are 18 members travelling. Also includes a tour of the Mosel Region.


We are hoping to get an article in the Council Residents Magazine ‘Widening Horizons’. Similar articles are also planned for other publications to get our message across to the whole of North Tyneside.


We have had a request from our friends in Lübbenau to see if we can find an Internship and accommodation for a Student during the summer. She has been studying European Management which combines Business Admin, Law, Politics and Languages. If you think you may know someone that can help, please let me know.

David Wade

Chairman of NTTTA


Another year over and we are almost into March already – where does the time go? Here is a quick update on what has been happening and things to look forward to.

December was a busy month; several of our members visited Mönchengladbach and were treated to tours of various Christmas Markets. There was a Quiz Night and also a Gluhwein and Stollen Abend – many thanks to Pauline & Roger Hughes and Ann Duffy for hosting these. January started with a Buffet meal at the Sandpiper Pub in Cullercoats which included a talk from John O’Rourke the artist who designed the sculpture for Oer-Erkenschwick. February has seen two tours of the BBC Studios in Newcastle (there were too many people to fit on one tour!)

Looking ahead:

Sunday 17 March Murder Mystery Walk on the banks of the Tyne, starting at The Baltic Café Gateshead. This will be followed by lunch at around 2pm at The Station Hotel. If you want to join in or need more details please contact Dave Carr 0191 388 6827.

Thursday 21 March NISSAN Tour. We are taking the long tour that takes between 3-4 hours. Cost is £10 per person. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A STRICT DRESS CODE – LONG SLEEVED TOPS, LONG TROUSERS, COMFORTABLE SHOES & NO HEART PACE MAKERS. Again if you want to go on the tour or need more details please contact Dave Carr 0191 388 6827.

Monday 25 March AGM at The Quadrant. Papers to be sent out soon. Anyone who has not got around to paying their 2012/13 subscription yet should do so now to ensure that they are included. If you are interested in joining the committee, please do not be afraid to nominate yourself.

Tuesday 9 April, Games Night at The Sandpiper. Further details to follow.

Sunday 28 April, Alnwick Walk. Dave Carr will research the walk and give more details nearer the time.

12 to 21 May 2013. Visit to Lübbenau and Pniewy, to include the 2013 Friendship Games.

25 August to 1 September, Visit from Oer-Erkenschwick DEF. There are 18 people visiting, if anyone would like to be a host for the week please let me know.

17 – 24 September, Visit to Mönchengladbach. It is hoped that a tour of the Mosel Region will be included. Other items will be added to the calendar as the year progresses.

We have again been successful in getting articles in the News Guardian. We will continue to try and find interesting things for them to publish as it is a good way of promoting the Association to a wider audience.

New Members
We have a new member, Aidan Stradling, who contacted us after seeing a newspaper article. He is so keen that he has already arranged a private visit to Oer-Erkenschwick. We always need new members, so if you know of anyone please bring them along to one of the social events.

We are continuing to assist where possible with the links between schools in North Tyneside with those in Oer-Erkenschwick, Mönchengladbach, and Halluin.

Choirs, Sports, Fire Service etc.
Following a request from a Music School in Monchengladbach for links with Musical organisations in North Tyneside we have been pleased to pass on various details. We are also exploring Sporting links with Halluin.

David Wade
Chairman of NTTTA


We have had a busy year so far. .Thank you to everyone for their time and effort in making it a success.


The following outlines to you what main activities have been arranged so far for the next 12 months.

12 to 17 December 2012. Visit to Christmas Markets staying with friends in Moenchengladbach (6 of us attending)

12 to 21 May 2013. Visit to Luebbenau (near Berlin) and also Pniewy, Poland, 2013 Friendship Games.(11? of us attending)

Late August 2013. Visit from Oer-Erkenschwick Deutsch-Englischer Freundeskreis.

Late September 2013. Visit to Moenchengladbach, probably including the Mosel.

This year so far

We had visits from 12 of our friends in Moenchengladbach for a week in May/June and 5 from Halluin for 4 days in October. Both visits had full programmes.

16 of us visited our friends in Oer-Erkenschwick in August, when we had a superb (and hot) time.

North Tyneside 2012 Special Friendship Games in July were a major success. Many of us had a very busy long weekend looking after visitors from Halluin, Kocevje, Luebbenau, Moenchengladbach, and Pniewy. There is an hour long professional video of the weekend that any member can borrow from me. There were so many activities that weekend, it is interesting to discover even now what others were doing during weekend, It is clear that the students found the event an incredible experience.

Social Activities since the AGM

In addition to the visits we have had a Strawberry Tea in June, and one walk (and subsequent refreshments) a month, the last on 10th November..

Our next social activity is a Christmas Quiz and Games Night at 7.30 pm on 5th December at Pauline and Roger Hughes’ house in Whitley Bay. Please contact Roger Curtis on 0191 2592391 if you wish to join in the fun.

(Amended to include additional activities 28.11.12)

Monday 10th December – Gluhwein und Stollen Abend, with Carols etc to be held at Ann Duffy’s. Contact Dave C (3886827)

Tuesday 15th January 2013 - Post Christmas Blues Buffet Meal has been provisionally booked at The Sandpiper Pub Farringdon Road Cullercoats. Possible cost of £8.00 per person. Suggest people arrive 7:30 pm, with Buffet available from 8pm.Contact Viv H (2523180)

Saturday 23 February 2013 Tour of BBC Newcastle Studios. 1.30. pm. See tours The cost of the tour is £7:50, or £6.95 for Concessions. Please contact Aidan early, as limit of 13. Contact Aidan (2526517)

Sunday 17 March 2013 Murder Mystery walk on the banks of the Tyne, starting at The Baltic Café 10:30 for a start of 11 for the walk. Walk to finish with lunch at 2pm at The Station Hotel. Contact Dave C (3886827)

8 or 9th April 2013, Games Night subject to room availability, suggest arrive 7:15 for 7:30 start. Contact Roger (2592391)

Sunday 28th April 2013 – Alnwick Walk. Contact Dave C (3886827)


The Halluin visitors have told us that they really enjoyed their visit and the friendship here in October. Of course it seems to be a requirement of all Halluin residents that they enjoy themselves, and that all those present do the same.


We are very pleased and proud that John O’Rourke’s sculpture of a miner has been presented to the mayor of Oer-Erkenschwick, and that this impressive work of art will be displayed in a prominent position in the town. It will record and ensure the continuing partnership that there is between North Tyneside and Oer-Erkenschwick.

Arrangements for our friends’ visit here in August is in a preliminary stage of discussion, and I will keep you informed.

Friendship Games 2013 (and Luebbenau)

Next year’s Friendship Games are in Pniewy, Poland on 19th May. Formal invitations are imminent. Also the Mayor of Luebbenau has invited members of our Association to a 5 day visit there in the week before the Games. Approximately 10 of us are taking this opportunity. Luebbenau have also invited us to travel to Pniewy with the whole of their team and delegation. Of course our friendship does not go too far. We will be supporting North Tyneside at the Games! We are leaving Newcastle for Berlin on 11/12 May and returning on 21 May.


There have been successes in the Evening Chronicle and Whitley Bay Guardian recently.

New Members

Although we are a successful and thriving organization, we always need new members.


The links for 7 schools in Nortth Tyneside with those in Oer-Erkenschwick, Moenchengladbach, and particularly Halluin have increased in recent years. It is excellent that Mike and Norma Waterfield are quickly able to assist in resolving the IT barriers and postal failures that seem to be inevitable internationally.

Choirs, Sports, Fire Service etc.

There are limitless possibilities for NTTTA acting as a catalyst to promote links with our twin towns.

German Lessons

Dave Carr is continuing to provide German lessons most Monday evenings for members. All his tutees are currently female. So it is ‘Must try harder, lads!’


Next Committee Meetings Sundays 7p.m. 13 January, 10 February, 10 March at my house. All members are welcome.

AGM Monday 25 March 7 p.m. at The Quadrant

David Wade

Chairman of NTTTA


January 2012 Newsletter

Dear Members,

On behalf of the Association I wish you all continued health and happiness for yourself and your family in 2012.


In brief the visits to North Tyneside in 2012 are as follows.

31st May to 7th June Visit from Moenchengladbach
13th to 15th July Special Friendship Games in North Tyneside
Late October/ early November Visit from Halluin

If you can, please keep these dates free.

This year we have one away visit

12th to 19th August to Oer-Erkenschwick

More details are available in this Newsletter

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are open to all members of the Association.

The next meeting is on Sunday 5th February at 1900. Future meeting dates for your diaries are Sunday March 4, and Monday April 9Wednesday April 4.
Sundays at 1845 for 1900. Weekdays at 1915 for 1930.

The next AGM is Monday 26 March. Brian will be sending out by 8th March forms for any proposed constitutional changes, and for proposals of next year’s committee members and officers. I will have completed my two years as Chairman and will be standing down.


Our friends in Halluin have accepted our invitation to North Tyneside for 3 or 4 nights between 28th October and 8th November 2012. Of course we hope that their memory of North Tyneside will be just as good as ours of Halluin last year.

When the precise dates are arranged we will contact you.

Many of the schools in Halluin have been recently linked with those in North Tyneside.


We are visiting our friends in Oer-Erkenschwick between 12th and 19th August 2012. We always have a superb time there. To date 16 members are travelling. We are using LH3457 Newcastle/Dusseldorf and LH3456 Dusseldorf/Newcastle flights. Please contact myself or Jacky McDonald or any committee member, if you are interested in this visit. Most of those travelling have already booked flights, but others could be added later.

At the invitation of Oer-Erkenschwick Town Hall, a sculpture is being fabricated and erected there to a design by John O’Rourke, a Whitley Bay sculptor, to represent the strong links between North Tyneside and Oer-Erkenschwick. John travelled to Oer-Erkenschwick last October to liaise with the town hall and the fabricator. He and his partner were royally received by our friends in Oer-Erkenschwick. It is expected that the sculpture will be completed and erected next summer and this may take place by the time of our visit.

Additionally Sam Henderson recently spent a private visit with friends in Oer-Erkenschwick over New Year. Most of Germany watches to great hilarity an ancient short British film ‘Dinner for One’ on New Year’s Eve, and Sam experienced this tradition for the first time.

Our friends in Oer-Erkenschwick have asked whether we know of a 13 year old who would like to be a pen pal of a teenager there. Of course we have approached schools, but if you know of a teenager who would like to do this, please could you contact me.


Our friends in Moenchengladbach have accepted our invitation to visit us for a week from 31st May to 7th June. During their visit it will be a holiday weekend, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, and there will be a fesival in Tynemouth.

The Visit Sub-committee is working hard on producing a comprehensive programme for the week, and this should be available well before the visit. Under discussion are welcome & farewell parties, visits to Beamish, local towns, castles, halls and gardens, a river cruise, a treasure trail, an invitation to the Quadrant. Members of the Association from Moenchengladbath’s other twin town, Bradford, may join us for a day.

To date 11 visitors have booked flights, and it is expected that the number will increase. We know that many of you wish to host. Please could you propose who you would like to host to me before the next committee meeting on 5th February.

Friendship Games

North Tyneside Council are intending to hold a special Friendship Games at The Parks, North Shields on July 15th, 2012, the Olympic year, and have invited the towns of Halluin, Oer-Erkenschwick, Moenchengladbach, and also Hackney (England), Klaipeda(Lithuania), Kocevje (Slovenia), Luebbenau (Germany), Pniewy (Poland), and Rab (Croatia) for the weekend.

Preliminary information is that there will be two combined programmes, one for the participants (20 older teenagers from each town), and another for the dignatories. Events are proposed to be held over the weekend from 13th to 15th July at the Parks, Tynemouth village, and Whitley Bay Playhouse. Accommodation for the weekend will probably be at The Parks and at the adjacent Premier Inn. The weekend has been chosen to coincide with the The Mouth of the Tyne festival. Events include The Mouth of the Tyne Festival, sports, dances, music, an Olympic Pool party, a debate, a bus tour, river cruise, closing ceremony in addition to the Friendship Games itself. The programmes are under preparation by North Tyneside Council, and include the Mayor and Young Mayor.

North Tyneside Council Cultural Department’s International Liaison Officer for all matters is Tracey Stonehouse (ku.vog.edisenythtron|esuohenots.yecart#ku.vog.edisenythtron|esuohenots.yecart). Congratulations to Tracey on her recent marriage. Tracey was NorthTyneside’s liaison and organizer of North Tyneside’s participation in last year’s games, and is now heavily involved in arranging Friendship Games 2012.

We will be visiting or have visits from our three friendship organizations at other times in the year. All members are free to arrange for their own guests to visit if they so wish. However the Association will unfortunately not be able to make any arrangements.

North Tyneside Council have asked if any Association members are willing to support them at the Friendship Games voluntarily, for example, in being translators, or supporters to delegates from other towns. If you wish to do this, please contact David Wade on ku.oc.oohay|mocatttn#ku.oc.oohay|mocatttn

Visits Sub-Committee

NTTTA has formed a visits sub-committee in particular to arrange the Moenchengladbach and Halluin visit programmes, but also for the liaison on the Friendship Games. This committee is next meeting at 6 p.m.on 5th February. All members are welcome in this sub-committee. Any proposals for the visits would be welcome.

Social Events

Since the last Newsletter we have had many successful social events. Thankyou to the organizers.

There was a well organized coffee afternoon at Ray and Viv Havard’s on 30th October, attended by John O’Rourke and a lifesize print of his sculpture. On 6th November there was a spy trail of Whitley Bay, using Ann Duffy’s house as a base. Thankyou, so much, Ann (We were most concerned as Dave Carr was organizing this event. However to our surprise he chose a beautiful sunny day for this excellent event). On 8th November there was a trip to Solid 60s at The Sage, where it was clear that Jacky McDonald is well known to ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ Gerry Marsden.

On 22nd November we had our Games and Quiz Night at The Kittiwake. The Games were good fun. There were lots of easy (and hard) questions, but you will be glad to know that your Chairman‘s team won the quiz. Thankyou to Norma and Mike and all the organizers.

10th December was the Christmas lunch at the Gibraltar Rock. I was recovering from an eye operation, but I understand it was well attended and all those there had a great time.

The energetic social sub-committee of course does not stop. If possible, please contact the organizer by e-mail or telephone at least one week before the following forthcoming events.

Saturday 14th January 6.30p.m. Post Christmas Blues Antidote Party. ‘Hollywood meets Bollywood’ theme.
Friday 3rd February 7p.m. Meal at Il Forno, Tynemouth. Vivianne Buller

Tuesday 28th February Joan Baez at The Sage. Viv Havard has already booked tickets for those going.

Sunday 4th March Coffee Afternoon

Sunday 2518th March ….. Newcastle walk and quiz …. Roger Curtis

Sunday 29th April Howick Hall gardens guided walk Viv Havard

If you have any ideas for social events please advise Viv Havard via the email address ku.oc.liamtoh|hwodnomyar#ku.oc.liamtoh|hwodnomyar, or any member of the Social Sub Committee, or officers of the Association.


We have 41 members so far this year. Our events during visits are funded by fees and social events.

The Treasurer has asked me to remind anyone who has not paid their fees yet, that it is £10 per person, and £20 per family.

NTTTA needs an auditor this year. We have asked North Tyneside Council if they can advise us of someone to carry out this function.


Although we have an active Association, there is always room for more new members. We also need to continue making others aware of what we do. Also a lot of people are not aware of our existence, and some who are aware, have misconceptions of what we do.

As mentioned earlier we have a website, which we believe to be useful. We have placed a simple free advert in Tynemouth and Monkseaton Roundabout Magazines. Recently we had posters on the free board at metro stations. We have calling cards (Ask David Wade if you need any more). We need to get more articles in our local press. NTTTA are more successful in regularly reaching this media in the Moenchengladbach, Oer-Erkenschwick, and Halluin press than at home.

Following David Cameron’s disagreement with the rest of the EU in December, the German press have been saying that Twin Town links are floundering. However Guenter from Oer-Erkenschwick was also reported as contradicting this. His views include ‘The contact with North Tyneside is wonderful… Everything runs on a private basis. Political matters are not an issue. We are just good friends. Our association will continue to develop. It is guaranteed.’ I am sure you agree with Guenter’s views.

We need to tell everyone, not just those who may become new members. We need to think short, medium and long term. If anyone has any ideas then they are most welcome.We would not have joined if we could not see the advantages.


David Wade has more than 14,000 Twin town photos on the Association’s hard drives. They are all filed e.g. Blyth beach walk September 2011. Please assist by sending him your photos. You are welcome to borrow a hard drive, as we have two, one for borrowing.

New Members

If you become aware of anyone interested in joining the Association, or simply requiring more information, please recommend that they read the website or speak to Viv, Ray, Roger, or Sam. Telephone Numbers are on the website.


St Thomas High School, North Shields have had a link with Willy Brandt Gymnasium in Oer-Erkenschwick for many years, received guests last September, and are expecting to visit Oer-Erkenschwick in September this year.

Since the 30th Anniversary in November 2011 the following links have been established. :-

Burnside High School, Wallsend :-Am Gero Weiher Gymnasium, Moenchengladbach
Marden High School, North Shields :- Sacre Coeur, Halluin
Carville Primary, Wallsend :- Primaire St Alphonse, Halluin
Balliol Primary, Longbenton:- Jules Michelet, Halluin
Whitley Lodge First, Whitley Bay :- Maria Montessori-Jean Mace, Halluin
Burradon County Primary:- Anne Frank- Jean Moulin , Halluin

Some links are developing really well, particularly Marden High, Carville Primary and Whitley Lodge First Schools. More North Tyneside schools have asked for links with Halluin schools and this is being progressed. Mike and Norma Waterfield are NTTTA’s contacts for these links.

German Lessons

Dave Carr is happy to help out with a few German lessons for Members. This could be over the winter months before next year’s visit from Moenchengladbach, and also the Friendship Games, and our visit to Oer-Erkenschwick.
The contents of the lessons can be discussed, but would be based on situations that would be met when visiting Germany or when hosting a visitor from Germany.

Future Newsletters

The proposed month for the next newsletter is April. If anyone has any comments or would like some additional information included, then please contact me or a member of the Committee.

Chairman of the NTTTA

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