Our friends in Halluin visited us in October 2012 (Details to follow)

Nine of our members visited our friends in Halluin from 30th September to 3rd October 2011

Four of our friends from Halluin Echange International travelled to North Tyneside to take part in our 30th anniversary celebrations in November 2010. They were hosted in our homes.

Halluin and North Tyneside will have been associated for 15 years in 2009.
Oer-Erkenschwick and Halluin have been associated for 40 years in 2009

Eight North Tyneside Twin Towns Association members visited Halluin from 12 to 14 June 2009 in order to join in the town twinning anniversary celebrations

Celebration of 40 years of twinning of North Tyneside’s Twin Towns*


A celebration of 40 years of twinning between North Tyneside’s twin towns of Halluin in France and Oer-Erkenschwick in Germany took place between June 12th and June 14th. This coincides with 15 years of twinning of North Tyneside with Halluin, and 30 years of twinning of North Tyneside and Oer-Erkenschwick.

The celebrations took place in Halluin. Halluin’s twin towns of Oer-Erkenschwick (former West Germany) and Lubbenau (former East Germany), Pniewy in Poland, Kocevje in Slovenia, and North Tyneside were represented.

The photograph depicts the mayors of Halluin and Oer-Erkenschwick below the street sign Rue Oer-Erkenschwick and beside the word ‘Paix’ (Peace in French). Also in the photograph are the mayors of Pniewy and Kocevje, representatives of Lubbenau and North Tyneside, Halluin Twin Towns Association, and ‘the giants of Halluin’.

North Tyneside was represented at the celebrations by North Tyneside Twin Towns Association, which has associations with Halluin, Oer-Erkenschwick and Moenchengladbach Twin Towns Associations.

Halluin is near Lille and directly on the Belgian border. The celebrations included parades with brass bands through the streets, barbeques, evening entertainment for 500 people, speeches, displays of European unity, singing from choirs from both Halluin and Oer-Erkenschwick. Many of Oer-Erkenschwick Twin Towns Association members were present in Halluin for the celebrations.

Halluin is easy to reach by train using the East Coast Main Line to London and Eurostar to Lille.

North Tyneside Twin Towns Association (NTTTA) is an independent, self-financing organization, which operates separately from the civic links between North Tyneside and its Twin Towns. Eight members of NTTTA visited Halluin for the celebrations.

Viv Havard, NTTTA Chairman, telephone number 0191 2523180, says ' The people of Halluin and their and our twin towns made us very welcome on this visit. It is surprising how satisfying and varied our social and cultural exchanges are. We have made good friends both in Europe and at home.'

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