Friendship Games

The 2013 Friendship Games were held in Pniewy, Poland (See Autumn 2013 Newsletter)

North Tyneside had a special Friendship Games in 2012 on the weekend of 15 July

The 2011 Friendship Games was held in Kocevje, Slovenia on the weekend of 10th to 12th of June,2011. 5 Members of the Association attended.

Report and photos to follow.

A former mayor of Oer-Erkenschwick proposed the Friendship Games, which is a form of 'Its A Knockout', where young people from each of their twin towns take part. This event occurs in different venues every two years.

At the end of May 2009 four NTTTA members travelled to Luebbenau, south of Berlin, for the Friendship Games. Other Twin Town associations also attended. Teams from 7 other towns from France, Germany, Poland, and Slovenia took part. The previous Friendship Games were in North Tyneside in 2007, and the next Friendship Games are in Kocevje, Slovenia, in 2011. The whole weekend is quite an experience for the young people and older adults of all countries. On the Sunday morning in Luebbenau all representatives of the young people from each town gave a presentation on 'What Europe means to me'

North Tyneside is planning to hold a special Friendship Games in 2012, the London Olympic Year. In 2013 Pniewy, Poland is planning to hold the Friendsip Games.




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