Twin Towns

North Tyneside Twin Town Association has links with three towns :


Oer-Erkenschwick is a town in the Ruhr Valley close to Recklinghausen. Like the North East it has a mining tradition which has had to cope with closure. Despite this, Oer is a thriving community; its modern buildings are surrounded by green and pleasant countryside. The link grew out of the twinning of Longbenton and Oer many years ago.


The link with Mönchengladbach also has its roots in an earlier twinning, that of Wallsend and Rheydt. Rheydt is a smaller town on the edge of Mönchengladbach which is a major centre of commerce, culture and industry.


Halluin is a busy town just to the North of Lille and right on the Belgian border. The Belgian town of Menin runs right up to Halluin and this adds to the charm of the town. There is a wonderful market in the town square. Halluin, like North Tyneside, is proud of its sporting and cultural traditions.

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